Cookie policy

  1. Introduction

  2. Videosher uses cookies and similar tracking technologies on its websites and portals. By visiting our websites, using our self-service portals or embeddable players, you consent to the storage and use of cookies and similar technologies on your device. This Cookie policy is a part of the Videosher Privacy Policy.

  3. How We Use Cookies

  4. Videosher and some integrated services like analytics set the cookies on user devices. There are essential cookies which are mandatory for the service to work and measure the service quality, and non-essential cookies which allow us to better understand how you use our services. Cookies are stored until they expire, some for the user session until browser is closed, some remain until deleted in the browser settings. The expiry date of all cookie types is different depending on its purpose.

  5. Where We Use Cookies

  6. When you visit our website, Videosher sets cookies in your browser. We set essential cookies to enable platform features. Cookies help to keep your session active and retain its settings. When you watch your video by opening the preview player in the portal or your viewers watch your video in our player code embedded in your website or application it uses Videosher cookies that are essential to the user experience. In the Videosher settings you or your account user with respective permissions can configure Google Analytics or Gemius tracking ID for your account, or use advertisement services like Google Ad Manager, these services are called from the player code and set their own cookies in the browser. In such case Videosher is not considered as the controller of data processing.